You Can Defeat Odor

Posted: September 1, 2014

By: John Temple

A boat is an easy place for odors to take hold. While odors can come from many places, the holding tank, hoses and heads can make the most obnoxious odors on a boat. Clean your toilets often, and clean the surrounding areas as well. If you can get the guys to take a seat, that helps.

The real offenders when it comes to head smells are usually the holding tank and the hoses between it and the toilets. There are numerous products that will eat the effluent or deodorize it, but if you are going to areas that allow pumping out overboard, be conscious of the materials you use. Some products can be very caustic and harmful to wildlife. Even if you use pumpouts, the chemicals will eventually make it to the environment. Pick the deodorizer that is less caustic.

Whenever you flush your toilet — unless the system is sensitive to any chemicals — always flush a couple of times with deodorizer in the toilet, which will coat the hoses and eliminate smells. Doing so is most important just before leaving your boat for any length of time. Install good hoses if you don’t already have them. There are filters that can be added to the vents for the holding tank, so that when you flush, the air rushing outside and perhaps making its way in through an open window will be less foul smelling.

Of course, empty those holding tanks and treat the leftover effluent with a biotic waste eater when you are leaving the boat for any length of time.

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