Horizon Elevates P130 to New P136 Model

Posted: January 10, 2013

By: [Press Release]

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN (Jan. 10, 2013) – Horizon Group announced it is elevating the successful Horizon P130 model to a new P136 model that features a 28-foot beam, a six gues-stateroom layout with additional crew and a bulbous bow. “Horizon has much experience manufacturing large FRP hulls, building to classes and regulations, and communicating with clients on comprehensive projects,” said Horizon CEO John Lu. “We are extremely comfortable with the design and pedigree behind the new Horizon P136, and we are confident she will be well-received throughout the global yacht market.”

The new P136 is currently the largest FRP hull that Horizon builds and offers enhanced performance with her bulbous bow, which helps reduce water and wave resistance, and improved interior volume due to her 445 gross tonnage and increased waterline length, by 2 feet 8 inches. Accommodations include an on-deck Master, five guest staterooms belowdecks, and crew’s quarters aft of the engines – also included in the P136 is the addition of a dayhead in the Skylounge.

Horizon delivered five P130 luxury yachts to owners in the U.S. and Europe between 2007 and 2012, each one built standard to DNV classification and adhering to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and IMO (International Maritime Organization) MARPOL regulations during construction. These build standards will be implemented in the new Horizon P136 model as well, ensuring she will be yet another Horizon superyacht that offers a reduced environmental impact.

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