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Teenage Boy Catches 8-Foot Tiger Shark Off Fort Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Kip Houghton said Wednesday that his encounter with a Tiger shark changed his life.

The Lobanov STAR Redefines What a Superyacht Can Be

Yacht designer Igor Lobanov, of Lobanov Design, thrives trying things no one else has.

Ancient Greek Shipwreck Found To Be World’s Largest

New finds from a Greek ship that sank nearly 2,100 years ago indicate that much of the vessel and its luxury cargo have been preserved. Divers and archaeologists wearing special suits that enable flexible movement during several consecutive hours of deep-sea exploration made the discoveries this month.

Pod of Dolphins, Whale Put On a Show Off Monterey, California

MONTEREY, Calif. -- Chris' Fishing and Whale Watching tours caught some amazing video on one of its recent trips.

Port of San Diego Hosts Eco-Friendly Hull Paint Expo

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Boaters who are considering making the switch from copper hull paints to more environmentally friendly coatings will want to mark their calendar for the Port of San Diego's Eco-Friendly Hull Paint Expo, Oct. 18.

From Sequim to Sea

Some Sequim products recently sailed Puget Sound waters in the effort to combat fossil fuel use while rebuilding trade routes.

U.S. Power Squadron Celebrates 100th Anniversary

STOCKTON, Calif. -- The San Joaquin Delta Power Squadron of Stockton will commemorate 100 years of safe boating during an event that will feature hands-on training and boater education.

Local Fishing Boats Are Hopping With Action

DANA POINT, Calif. -- Dana Wharf Sportsfishing captain Tom White was taking his charter boat offshore for months, when the big fish he was hunting just disappeared.

New Boat Launch Coming to Mill Bay

South end boaters should have new public boat launch in place by next summer.

Ports of Tacoma, Seattle Announce Alliance

The ports of Tacoma and Seattle, for decades rivals in attracting shipping business, Tuesday announced their intention to form a single seaport alliance to manage the marine terminals and operations of both ports.

17 Amazing Images of Sea Creatures from the Bottom of the Ocean

From Sept. 4 to Oct. 7, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explored the deep-sea ecosystems off the U.S. Atlantic Coast with its ship Okeanos Explorer. By deploying remotely operated underwater vehicles, or ROVs, NOAA researchers were able to plumb the ocean's depths, collecting baseline data and mapping the mysterious seafloor.

Killer Whales Learn How to Speak Dolphin

Killer whales are known for their haunting songs consisting of complex whistles and clicks, but they can also learn "dolphin speak," a new study finds.

Lake Union as Seattle's Central Park

I found a new world when I first strode the lanes of Seattle in 1957. I discovered very diverse neighborhoods from Ballard to Broadmoor, but the one with the most interesting history was Cascade -- and it wasn't a neighborhood at all.

Humpback Whale Leaps From Ocean to High-Five a Bird

A humpback whale off the coast of California was caught on camera leaping out of the big blue waters of the Pacific Ocean to greet a bird flying just feet overhead.

Pigs Take Over Small Island, Swim Around for Food

STOCKTON, Calif. -- Adam Farrow lives on the water, owns 15 boats and a Lodi boat repair business. What he saw this past summer in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta took even him by surprise: there are about 10 pigs living on an island northwest of Stockton.


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