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Florida Fisherman Catches an 11-Foot Mako Shark Weighing 805 Pounds

One man from Florida caught an 11-foot-shark weighing 805 pounds that may just break the world record for land-based shark fishing for makos.

Endangered Mussel Surfs Japanese Tsunami Debris to B.C.

A sea creature at risk of going extinct in Asia is proving to be a survivor, but after an arduous ocean journey it's not welcome to find safe haven in British Columbia.

April 26 is a Day San Francisco Thanks Our 'Coasties'

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has proclaimed April 26 as Coast Guard Appreciation Day, the first time a major U.S. city has honored this smallest of our armed services, with just over 40,000 active duty members. A coalition of ocean and maritime groups will host the event at Pier 39.

Port of Long Beach's Newest Security Tool Delivered

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- When Curtin Maritime delivered the Port of Long Beach's newest security tool Monday, the company took no time in demonstrating what it can do.

Sami Inkinen and Meredith Loring Test Marriage by Rowing Across Pacific

There are many ways to test a marriage a life-threatening illness, an affair, even becoming parents for the first time.

Fishing, Boating Bans Lifted on Lake Quinault

Lake Quinault will reopen on April 26 for non-tribal use once again, after Quinault Indian Nation officials decided to lift fishing and boating bans at a recent meeting.

More Dolphins, Whales Feeding in Santa Monica Bay

Research compiled by a pair of local marine biologists has found that dolphins and whales are feeding more than ever in the Santa Monica Bay, possibly due to changes in ocean conditions and more prey.

Bodega Bay Challenge: Build a Boat on the Spot

To be quite honest ... most people, even those sorts who love all things sea, might have a head-scratcher of a time figuring out how to make one of those tiny, toy-like paper boats float.

Burnaby Dad to Row 1,100 Km for his Autistic Son

John Carinha had never paddled a boat further than five kilometres.

Potty Politics: Toilet Rules for Boats to be Enforced

All vessels equipped with an on-board toilet will soon be forced to install sewage tanks or marine sanitation devices, according to Transport Canada.

Wayward Sea Lion Pup, 'Hoppie,' Found in Central Valley Orchard

A lost sea lion pup nicknamed Hoppie found at a Central Valley orchard about 100 miles from the ocean is recovering at a marine mammal center in Sausalito after its inland adventure.

Pump It, Don't Dump It: Program Encourages Boaters to Manage Waste Responsibly

Most boaters have a story about a malfunctioning sewage tank. Aaron Barnett's job is to help boaters reduce the "ew" factor in managing their black-water tanks.

Beneteau Ramps Up Distribution in South America

Annapolis, MD, April 16, 2014 -- Last month, Beneteau America unveiled a new organization to lead its strategy in the Americas, with a single North/South axis. Both Central and South America are now under the management of Bruno Gouezigoux, reporting to the Beneteau America office based in Annapolis, Md.

Diver Gets Photobombed by a Grinning Shark

This is the incredible moment a cheeky shark photobombed a diver and even seemed to grin for the camera as it barged its way in to the shot.

Swim in an Electric Reef

Coral reefs are known as the rainforests of the sea and although they only occupy a total area half the size of France, they provide a home for a quarter of all marine species on the planet.


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