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Bodega Bay Challenge: Build a Boat on the Spot

To be quite honest ... most people, even those sorts who love all things sea, might have a head-scratcher of a time figuring out how to make one of those tiny, toy-like paper boats float.

Burnaby Dad to Row 1,100 Km for his Autistic Son

John Carinha had never paddled a boat further than five kilometres.

Potty Politics: Toilet Rules for Boats to be Enforced

All vessels equipped with an on-board toilet will soon be forced to install sewage tanks or marine sanitation devices, according to Transport Canada.

Wayward Sea Lion Pup, 'Hoppie,' Found in Central Valley Orchard

A lost sea lion pup nicknamed Hoppie found at a Central Valley orchard about 100 miles from the ocean is recovering at a marine mammal center in Sausalito after its inland adventure.

Pump It, Don't Dump It: Program Encourages Boaters to Manage Waste Responsibly

Most boaters have a story about a malfunctioning sewage tank. Aaron Barnett's job is to help boaters reduce the "ew" factor in managing their black-water tanks.

Beneteau Ramps Up Distribution in South America

Annapolis, MD, April 16, 2014 -- Last month, Beneteau America unveiled a new organization to lead its strategy in the Americas, with a single North/South axis. Both Central and South America are now under the management of Bruno Gouezigoux, reporting to the Beneteau America office based in Annapolis, Md.

Diver Gets Photobombed by a Grinning Shark

This is the incredible moment a cheeky shark photobombed a diver and even seemed to grin for the camera as it barged its way in to the shot.

Swim in an Electric Reef

Coral reefs are known as the rainforests of the sea and although they only occupy a total area half the size of France, they provide a home for a quarter of all marine species on the planet.

Marine Institute Celebrates Vessel Upgrade

Long Beach Marine Institute recently celebrated a major upgrade of its 115-foot-long research vessel, The Challenger, to make the ship more eco-friendly and cost efficient.

El Nino Could Mean Epic Sport Fishing

POINT LOMA, Calif. -- El Nino, mention the oceanic phenomenon to ocean fishermen and watch their eyes light up.

Santa Cruz Harbor Turns 50

Santa Cruz, Calif. -- The construction more than 50 years ago of the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor turned the tides of local fishing and boating history.

Ventura Yacht Club Builds Prisoners Harbor Dock

VENTURA, Calif. -- When Ventura Yacht Club member Don Mills caught wind that the Channel Islands National Park would not be providing a floating dinghy dock at the pier in Prisoners Harbor he decided to put his engineering experience to good use. Mills recruited three yacht club members to spend a weekend constructing the floating dock that boaters rely on for access to the island.

The Golden Gate Bridge Could've Had a Submerged 'Boat Tunnel'

The Golden Gate Bridge wasn't always destined to be the majestic, International Orange-colored span it is today. Back in the bridge's planning stage, the U.S. Navy was so concerned about its visibility that it lobbied hard to paint it black with yellow stripes. But that bold proposal looks absolutely mundane when you consider this one from 1932, which would've had the center of the structure submerged in the San Francisco Bay so ships could pass above.

Redden Marine Supply Arrives in Seattle

SEATTLE When Redden Marine Supply started out in Alaska, Dwight D. Eisenhower was president of the United States. Thats a lot of salmon up the stream. In those 50-plus years, Redden has followed a simple motto: Thrill and delight the customers. This mission worked, and the popular marine supply chain is now opening its fifth retail locationa combined sales and distribution warehouse site on the Lake Washington Ship Canal in Seattle. Just minutes from Fishermans Terminal, Elliott Bay Marina and Shilshole Bay Marina, the new facility supports Reddens wholesale delivery network for its commercial fishing customers. The Seattle location also features an impressive retail storefront that suits one of the largest suppliers of equipment to boat owners and the recreational fishing industry.

Three New Ocean Alexander 90 Motoryachts Sold Within 30 Days

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN -- Alexander Marine, the manufacturer of Ocean Alexander yachts, is pleased to announce the recent sale of four new yachts for the US. Three of these sales were for the Ocean Alexander 90 Motoryacht, which included many updates for the 2014 model year.


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