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Gil Stork Finds the True Pleasure in Restoring Boats

Gil Stork isn't fooling himself. He knows the time and money he's spent on restoring a 1949 Higgins plywood boat isn't going to make him rich. Not financially.

An Epic Lego Shipwreck Has Been Washing Thousands of Lego Onto Beaches

BBC News recently reported on a pretty rad story out of Cornwall, UK. Way back in 1997 a shipping container carrying 4.8 million Lego pieces fell into the sea, roughly 20 miles from Land's End. 17 years later the tide is still washing loads of Lego onto beaches around Cornwall. There have also been discoveries of Lego in Devon, Ireland and Wales.

Great White Shark From 1983 Attracts New Attention

A great white shark caught off P.E.I. more than 30 years ago has been named one of the world's top five legendary sharks by the Discovery Channel.

Drones Discover New Artificial 'Lands' Made Out of Tsunami Debris

It captured the world's attention when a huge 'garbage island' was spotted in the middle of the Pacific.

Rafting America's Most Difficult River

With 15 class V rapids in under 9 miles, Cherry Creek and the Upper Tuolumne River are considered the most technically challenging rafting river in the country. Last weekend, we ran it. Here's how you can too.

Pasco Artist Helps Hydroplane Drivers Stay Safe With Style

Rows of colorful racing helmets with complex designs lined the walls of Eric Petring's workspace Monday as he delicately moved an airbrush over his latest masterpiece.

Astronauts Begin 9-Day Mission ... Under the Sea

Four astronauts traded in their spacesuits for scuba gear yesterday (July 21) and embarked on a nine-day mission at the bottom of the sea.

Another New Patrol Boat? Sheriff Gets Green Light on Purchase

If buying a brand new, 26-foot custom-built boat for just $35,000 sounds like a good deal to you, well, you're not alone.

Ellstrom's New Boat to Debut at HAPO Columbia Cup

Hidden in a small shop in south Seattle is the newest unlimited hydroplane, ready to make its debut this week at the HAPO Columbia Cup, which starts Friday in Lampson Pits in Kennewick's Columbia Park.

Ocean Alexander 100 Motoryacht to Debut at the 2014 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

Ocean Alexander 100 Motoryacht to Debut at the 2014 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN -- July 17, 2014 -- Ocean Alexander announced the planned debut for the new Ocean Alexander 100 Motoryacht at the 2014 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show.

A Tour of Lake Union With a Captain Who's Circled it 2,800 Times

Capt. Larry Kezner blows the horn of the Fremont Avenue passenger vessel and undocks his boat from South Lake Union Park. Andy Kim's popular '70s tune "Rock Me Gently" plays through the speakers as Kezner steers the boat around the southern shore of Lake Union. "Funky" background music is a staple of Kezner's tours.

The Grandes Dames of the Sea Ply the Tuscan Waters

A most unusual regatta recently took place off Tuscany's southern coast: Vintage sailboats known as the Grandes Dames of the Sea -- some more than 100 years old -- plied the waters of Porto Santo Stefano, a fishing village known for ideal sailing conditions.

Diver Saves Sea Turtle and Receives Adorable Thank You

Not every story about sea life mistakenly caught in a net ends this beautifully, so it's important to recognize when one does.

VYFS Hopes to Break World Record on the Harbor

With one month to go until it attempts to break a world record, Vashon Youth Family Services is looking to recruit around 2,500 people to take to Quartermaster Harbor in kayaks and canoes for a gathering that organizers hope will be fun as well as bring in needed funds for the social services agency.

Dragon Riders

The swoosh, swoosh of paddles slicing through the water is just part of the Willamette River's chorus one recent Thursday evening.


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