Salvaging a Loyal VHF

Posted: September 1, 2012  |  Tag: Electronics

By: John Temple

I have an older VHF radio that used to work fine but has recently stopped transmitting. I have spoken to local service organizations that do repairs, but they will not work on it because they cannot get parts. Changing radios would be difficult because of matching with other electronics and fitting to the spot. What do you suggest?
The reasons to replace an older radio are numerous. Safety and the automatic transmission of your location during a mayday call are the most important. That said, I can appreciate your situation. So, what can you do to fix your radio?

Get a complete manual for your VHF radio. An older VHF with transmission problems usually has a connector problem, so check all the connections on the back of the radio. Then look at the microphone’s connection to the radio. If it is a plug-in, get into the plug on the end of the mike. Look for a broken solder joint to one of the pins. Look at the transmit pins carefully. If one is broken, solder it on, or take it to a local electronics repair house.

If the mike is not the problem, look at the connector inside the radio, and do the same thing: Check the soldering of the connectors. It is likely you will have found your problem and fixed it at this point.

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