How to Get Your Spouse on Board

Posted: October 1, 2012  |  Tag: 

By: John Temple

I want to buy a boat, but I have heard nightmares about a spouse (my wife in this case) not enjoying boating, which leads to couples not having any fun. How do I avoid this? How do I know if my spouse will enjoy boating?
I can’t tell you how many times I have heard jealous comments from other male boaters when they hear that my wife, Candy, loves boating at least as much as I do. As I talk to other boaters, I have discovered that too many skippers do things such as go out in “white knuckle” conditions. How can they expect their spouse to enjoy boating when they go on a treacherous, unenjoyable run? Then, to make matters worse, when they dock they yell, because their spouse doesn’t work the lines in such a way that makes up for their docking errors. Finally, they ask what’s for dinner. That scenario is why so many spouses (often wives) do not enjoy boating. Candy wrote an article for Sea many years ago, “Women Just Want to Have Fun.” Her advice to male skippers was this:
- Boat in weather and at times so your wife enjoys the run, the stay and the return.
- Go to places that have restaurants, and treat her like a queen.
- Get her involved in cruising decisions and navigating.
- And, no yelling!

All this said, you need to make sure your spouse doesn’t get seasick or have a fear of water. If either of these is a big issue, buy an RV or forget the idea of boating with your spouse.

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