Eat Great Aboard

Posted: January 1, 2014  |  Tag: Galley

By: John Temple

Do you have any advice on preparing for cooking aboard? We are both foodies.
Go through all your spices and make sure they are not more than a year old. Date them when you buy them and when you open them, and store them properly. If you have room, build a small herb garden and just cover when running. This is great for trading on the dock or just sharing.

Vacuum seal most food before storing it — and also leftovers when it would help. There are fancy vacuum sealers for a couple of hundred dollars and special sealing bags, or Ziploc has a portable hand pump and bags made for doing this. We have had an electric handheld pump for a few years. We also have a fancy sealer with the special bags, which is the best way to go if you are going to be out there a while. When you buy your meat and fish from your purveyor, ask if he can vacuum seal it.

Recipes. Unless you are a super chef, have some recipes in mind and make sure you have or can get the ingredients. We love our “Yachting Cookbook.” Also, Food Network has a great website from which you can print a bunch of recipes in case you don’t have Internet service when it is time to cook.

Finally, if you are barbecuing, bring chips to smoke. Just soak them and wrap them in foil and poke some holes before grilling. Different types of wood go with different types of food. Ask your purveyor for suggestions.

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